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Pregnancy - Education
A New You-Just for You
It is said that when you begin “cleaning house” you have the desire for a different way of living. I believe it. Most changes seem to occur in April, the first real month of Spring.

Blended Families: Merging Two Families Under One Roof
Parenting your own children is difficult enough even under the best of circumstances; however, trying to raise the children of your spouse or partner from a previous marriage or relationship is a t...

Teaching Your Child Manners
One word can be used to sum up the best way for parents to teach their child manners- consistency. Parents should be consistent in what they present to their child as the expected and proper rules...

Tips for Talking with Your Teen
Teens are notoriously difficult to parent. All too often it seems we start out trying to make conversation and end up in a fight! While teens do tend to be moody, it might just be possible that our...

Saving Your Sanity at Disneyland
Not a guide for saving money, but some tips for saving your sanity while on vacation at Disneyland. This informal article provides detailed information on how to make the most of your trip; from ho...

What Is Quality Time With Our Children?
Is it the time we spend watching television with them? Is it the time we spend reading to them, eating with them, putting them to bed, washing them, playing sports with them in the yard, or is it t...


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