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Pregnancy - Education
Helping Our Kids Make the Transition to a New School
With all the other changes occurring in puberty and adolescence, having to adjust to a new school can oftentimes add to a young person’s overall stress. Maybe he or she ruled the roost in grammar s...

Helping Our Kids to Deal With Cliques in School
By the time they reach middle school and high school, most kids become particularly concerned about their social standing. Their need to be accepted by their peers is all-important. Unfortunately, ...

Dealing With Your Toddler Picky Eater – Will It Ever End?
As a parent, you want the best for your child but you also want to keep them happy. This can be extremely difficult when you have a toddler who's a picky eater. Here are some tips to help you cur...

Choosing The Right Preschool
In today’s hectic world, it is sometimes easy to forget about the important details in life simply because we are too swamped with work, afterschool activities and our homelives. But one of the mo...

When Children Blow It
I just love it when my daughter seems to feel that there should be a waiving of house rules when she has friends over. It becomes obvious that there are rules in our house that are not followed in ...

Word Power
Words. They seem like such simple little things, really. But, the words we use in our everyday conversations and writings, especially our conversations and writings with, to and about the childre...


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