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Pregnancy - Education
Children and Sleepovers
Once your children enter the magical world of preschool, you, the parents, enter the wonderful, or rather not so wonderful, world of sleepovers. Fortunately, for many of us, our entrance into this...

Getting Over On Mom and Dad
Children today are extremely talented at many things. Unlike the children of decades ago, today’s children are encouraged to be clever, even if it means cleverly dishonest. Can we even blame them...

Prepare Your Child for Preschool
It is common for parents to worry about how their child will react to preschool. For some children, separation anxiety can be a problem. Children that have been in daycare at an early age or those ...

Myers Briggs and Your Family
During my high school years, I was defined as a “Type A” personality because I was driven, goal motivated, competitive and often busy. It wasn’t until college that I learned that different psycholo...

Backpacks: Safety and Purchase
Backpacks have become an essential part of almost every child’s life from the tiniest preschooler to the largest high school student. From the moment they begin school, children need and want a ba...

Home Alone Isn’t All Bad
Raising a child or children isn’t always an easy task. Sometimes parents have to make decisions that are difficult to make. In today’s world where many families have two working parents or a sing...


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