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Pregnancy - Education
Using Active Listening To Talk To Your Teenager
Teenagers are the hardest ages to talk to. It is easier to talk to an infant than a teenager, because infants don’t roll their eyes or say “You just don’t GET me” while slamming the door on you. No...

Manners Matter
Most parents agree that they want their children to display good manners. We nudge “please” and “thank you” from their mouths hoping they’ll grow into mannerful adults. But, should good manners s...

Body, Mind, and Soul
Six months ago migraines, heartburn, stomach pains, dizziness, and sleeplessness, were a part of my life. My teeth ached from grinding and jaw clenching and I was suffering from fatigue. I could ba...

Teaching Teens Responsibility
Many parents bemoan the fact that their teens are irresponsible. They do not keep their room clean, they’re lackadaisical about homework, and they haven’t sent a thank you note since they learned ...

Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Ability to Read
Teaching your child to read does not have to be a challenge nor a dreaded chore. In fact, you can teach your child to recognize certain words before he or she has even managed to learn to spell or...

Where Are You Going Mommy? Dating as a Single Parent
If you are the single mom of a young child the idea of dating can become a major issue. You feel, and rightly so, that your first responsibility is to your child. That goes without saying. But whil...


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